Bob's Philosophy

Whether novice or professional, coaching golfers to produce consistently lower scores is the goal. Townsend Golf students learn through experiences as to how to create solutions in all facets of their game. All students learn to produce the necessary impact alignments for consistent ball flight control that is always related to the body.​

With over 20 years of experience in coaching, Bob understands that there is no one method or swing style for all golfers. Rather, the instructor must develop an efficient and repeatable motion based upon the functional movement of the student.

Each student will then learn the necessary stability, mobility and power sources unique to their stroke pattern whether they are putting or driving the ball.​

Bob works with golfers of all levels. Whether, a beginner or professional, developing a realistic stroke pattern based on what an individual can do biomechanically is the only way to long term improvement.​

​Bob’s influences have come from the gracious help of friends like John Dochety, Mac O’Grady, among others. ”I want my players to be able to control the flight and curve of the ball and understand why things are happening in the way they do. Secondly to give my students the strategies and experiences to manage their game to a high level of performance on the course.”​

Bob’s years of competitive playing experience and the desire to become the best he can be (the juice he calls it) has led his passion in passing his enthusiasm and experience on to his students.